Discover our hotels and other accommodation alternatives

Our boutique hotels

At Holaqueya, we work with boutique hotels that we have selected for you in all corners of the island. These hotels stand out for their unique charm, quality, and intimate atmosphere, offering a personalized experience far from large tourist complexes.

Our selection of establishments combines modern luxury with local touches, where you will spend your best holidays in the Dominican Republic

Our ecolodges

Want to spend one or more unique nights? Sleep in the heart of the Dominican jungle? The ecolodges we work with in the Dominican Republic offer an immersive experience in nature, combining comfort and luxury with a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. These unique accommodations allow you to discover the island’s ecological richness while minimizing your impact on the local ecosystem.


Want to experience an all-inclusive holiday? The Dominican Republic is renowned for its numerous all-inclusive resorts. But at Holaqueya, we only work with a very fine selection of the most luxurious ones, combining elegance and comfort with a wide range of services and activities. Enjoy a premium escape with quality facilities, refined cuisine, and an idyllic setting on the island’s paradisiacal beaches.


Want to discover the Dominican Republic differently? Set up a tent or go on a road trip in a van or camper? It’s possible with Holaqueya!

For nature lovers, we have selected camping sites ranging from rustic locations to more developed options, perfect for exploring the Dominican wildlife, flora, and stunning beaches.

We also offer experiences in Volkswagen Combis, vans, or campers for an unforgettable adventure as a couple, with family, or with friends.


What better way to discover a country than by immersing yourself in a local’s home for one or more nights? This is a unique experience we offer with Holaqueya! We work with trusted locals who have government permits to host you under the best conditions.

Want to know more about our selection of accommodations in the Dominican Republic? Feel free to contact us!