HOLAQUEYA ~ Hola Quisqueya

Holaqueya is a contraction of “Hola,” meaning hello in Spanish, and “Quisqueya,” an intimate name for the Dominican Republic. Being intimate with the Dominican Republic means going off the beaten path, meeting its inhabitants, getting to know its culture, cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. This is the promise of Holaqueya.

It is said that to love a country, you must know it, and to be proud of it, you must see it as good and precious. This is what I saw the first time I came to the Dominican Republic, a country that has everything travelers dream of. After falling in love with it and exploring the island from north to south, east to west, I decided to settle here and offer you authentic and unique experiences.

Experiences that will make you love and live the Dominican Republic and, who knows, maybe even never leave.

Célia Tichadelle.

Entrust us with your Dominican dreams.

Holaqueya is the destination management company that organizes your stay and welcomes you to the Dominican Republic. We reinvent Dominican travel, moving away from large all-inclusive hotel complexes, offering a unique stay tailored to your desires and budget, while respecting our values: carefully selected addresses for their level of excellence, excursions close to local populations, and the promise of an authentic journey that reflects you. Go off the beaten path, explore hidden gems, and experience unique adventures.


Travel should also rhyme with Respect and Responsibility. At Holaqueya, we have selected a number of hotels that are mindful of their environment and impact. We work hand in hand with locals who are integral parts of our excursions and prioritize small group activities. Our trips combine ethics with the art of living and authenticity.


Traveling to the Dominican Republic, not knowing the country, the language, the customs… A potential source of stress. With Holaqueya, we offer assistance in preparing your trip and also on-site with our 100% English-speaking team. You benefit from a genuine close relationship to create unforgettable memories and experience everything in complete safety and serenity!